Monday, September 29, 2008

Snaggle Hopper

Sayger is losing his teeth left and right. Last spring it started with his two bottom front teeth. He bit Shandler on the bum during a wrestling match and the teeth fell to the floor! We could only find one of the two, so the tooth fairy had to have a note of explanation. This fall the two top teeth started to wiggle and one day Sayger got off the bus, walked into the house and started to talk to me when I noticed his front tooth had something stuck on it. As I looked closer the entire tooth was turned sideways in his mouth and hanging by a thread of tissue. I laughed and sent him to look in a mirror. He was mortified! " Mom, what can you do to take this out?" he said. I sent him for a small piece of tissue and in one tender pull the tooth was in my fingers. He was thrilled and the tooth fairy made another visit! Sayger is taking Taekwondo this year and his dad calls him "Grasshopper"-from a show he watched when he was much younger. He also calls him snaggle tooth, because of the last tooth left and the direction it is turning. The other night at dinner Sayger asked his dad to not call him grasshopper. So Kent suggested "snaggle hopper." We all laughed, including Sayger. So until the tooth falls out he will be our little "snaggle hopper."
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First day of school

The first day of school is always so exciting. Stormie is in the 8th grade, Shandler is in the 5th grade and Sayger is in the 1st grade. I made them stand in the driveway for a picture. I should have had them set their supplies and overloaded backpacks on the ground. They were so excited to start school and see all of their friends. The early mornings have been rough since we all enjoyed sleeping in this summer. I love the view from the front of our house. The hay field across the road is beautiful when it is all filled in and the mountains in the summer are awesome. Thank goodness our yard is finally filling in too. We have more work to do but it is all coming together.
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A teenager-13!!

Stormie turned thirteen this year! We find it hard to believe how fast she is growing up. It seems like just yesterday she was born-REALLY. She is a little surprised she is growing up so fast too. For her birthday this year she chose an Enchanted birthday theme and cake. Jaylee wanted her to have a princess party so she could dress up. It just so happened the movie came out at the beginning of the summer and Stormie loved it! Stormie got to be a little girl a little longer and Jaylee was able to dress up for the party!! I guess we all have a little girl in us. Thank you Stormie for bringing joy, happiness and the drama of a teenager into our lives. We love you!!
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Sunday, September 28, 2008

California Girl!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Kent and I. We were in California for my class reunion(I'm not telling which one). We rented a covertible and had a great time.
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