Thursday, December 23, 2010


This year I MADE Stormie try out for the softball team. She made the team and played as a Freshman...which is the worst!!! She stuck it out and actually learned to love the game!!! We sat through some awful weather to watch her play and I am very proud of her positive attitude and willingness to learn the game!! Great job Storm!!!
Love these girlies!!
look what I have to be proud of :0)

My good friend Jen hosted a Spa Day at Hands On in Twin. She invited my girls and I to participate in the day while having our hands and feet treated and picking some fun ceramic pieces to paint. We also had some yummy treats that Shandler kept stealing from my plate!! She thought I didn't know!! Hands On has several ceramic pieces to choose from along with hundreds of colors and items to decorate your piece. Shandler chose a hand mirror, Stormie a princess teapot and I chose a vase. We had a fun afternoon together even though the girls weren't thinking it was their idea of a thrill, they did enjoy the day. We giggled alot together and we now have some cool hand painted ceramics at our house!

4-H projects.....

One of the highlights of spring are these cute little pigs. Each year Kent and the girls pick out the perfect 4-H pigs to rasie for the fair in August. It takes a few months to get them ready and we start around April 15th or so. This is a highlight of the year. When we bring them home they run all around the pen avoiding any type of human contact, but by mid summer they let the kids scratch their backs and run to the fence to see if we may have a treat they can eat. Soon these little piggies begin to eat us out of house and home as they grow for fair week. The girls check on them daily since pigs can not run out of water, they also make sure their is always plenty of food for them to eat which helps them gain weight. We weigh the pigs a couple of times during the
months in order to see their progress and make sure they are gaining weight. Soon they will be ready for the end of the summer highlight...the county fair, where these little piggies head to market!! This is also the social event of the summer and a great way to begin a college savings account!!

Turning 30!!!

This year Kent's oldest daughter, Kenna, turned 30. I made dinner for her and her family, lasagna is her favorite and we had cake. I made a crock pot chocolate cake but we had to have a cake to put 30 candles on too. Look how 30 candles glow!!!

Sayger's New Toy

Ray had this go-cart that his kids road on and he and Sayger rebuilt several parts of it. I had taken Sayger over to Auntie Brookes on several occasions and he and ray worked on it ( more Ray than Sayger-he needed several breaks). Once it was up and running, they delivered it to our house and Sayger began his terror of the neighborhood! He has driven that go-cart up and down the road 4000 times and has went through several tanks of gas!!! He is having a blast and is the envy of every little boy in the neighborhood!!! He has learned to skid to a stop, slide the back wheels in a turn and peel out slinging gravel as he goes!

Shandler's Happy Birthday

For the night of Shandler's actual birthday we went to dinner at the Uppercrust....the highlight of the dinner was of course, the Cheese Hat. Shandler wore it proudly!!! That weekend, when her dad got home, we had a family birthday party with her cake and everything. She blew out the candles, ate the cake and opened her gifts. Happy 12th Birthday Shandler!!!!


While sitting together at the cheer competition a cheerleader from Boise came over to Stormie and wanted to know who she knew in Declo. This young lady said her grandmother lived in Declo so Stormie asked her who her grandma was she replied "Ruth Matthews." Stormie squealed and said "She's my aunt!!" Are you kidding me.... they began to visit and soon found out they were cousins. Stormie went and got Elizabeth and they posed for Kent. I think that was the best part of the entire competition for Stormie, she was thrilled to meet Ellie and find their family connection.

Cheer Competition

February 2010-Cheer Competition-Boise-These girls did awesome!!! They looked great and performed well!! It was a long, long day!! There were several teams and they each had at least three performances and the numerous divisions!! It was fun to watch our girls!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Performance Dinner
Enjoying a day at the pool!

Our hotel!!!
The beach!!
The balcony!!
Headed to the poolside!
Welcome dinner
Kenneth and Kim...good friends!

Carol and Kristin
Territory Manager dinner

Rich and Kristin
Kent had an International meeting this year in Cancun, Mexico. It was fabulous!!! We stayed at a beautiful resort, The Moon Palace!! Each day the ladies and I would get up early and head out for an exercise walk on the beach, go to breakfast(all inclusive...the way to go) and get a spot by the pool! January is the greatest time to go to Mexico, the weather was in the mid 80"s every day and it was gorgeous!!! Kent had meetings during the day so us ladies would just lounge by the pool, swim to the bar area, get a drink, swim back and lounge some more. It was wonderful!!!
In the evenings we would get ourselves all dressed up and have dinner, attend social events and one night we even went dancing. It was a great time!!!