Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Basketball

John Charles came for a visit and made Shandler a sign. He did it once for Stormie a couple of years ago and Shandler was proud to have her turn!
Her game was at 8:00 Saturday morning......Are you kidding me!!!!

Shandler loves to play basketball and has played with this group of girls for several years. She started with them in the Declo Rec. program and last year they put together a traveling team and played various teams from South Eastern Idaho. She loves basketball and has become a pretty good little player. She has wonderful coaches that have taught her alot! We were not sure if they were going to put together a team so I signed her up to play ball in the Rupert League too. Her coaches called and now we are juggling two sets of basketball schedules.....whew!! They begin in November and will play until Christmas, this group is sponsored by the Burley Lions, JAZZ basketball. GO SHANDLER!!!!!

Carving and the display of pumpkins....

One Friday the kids did not have school, however, I did. I asked Kent to help them get their pumpkins carved and be sure to take pictures so I could see! It was a nice day but windy(imagine that!) so Dad set them up in the garage with garbage bags and carving tools. Sayger worked very hard this year to completely carve his pumpkin on his own. He would not let his dad help at all. He did great! When Shandler was very little she could not dig the guts out of the pumpkin without dry heaving the entire time. Kent or I have helped clean out her pumpkin for years, this year she conquered the slimy center of her pumpkin all on her own! They had a great time and were able to get them all carved and ready for the Halloween display and lighting. I have to say they were very cute and one of my favorite things to do is light the pumpkins and stand back in the driveway to see how they look in the dark. I also love the smell of the heat coming from the pumpkins as the flame is cooking the inside, it remind me of fall.

Red Ribbon Week-Rock Star Day!

October is Red Ribbon Week and the promotion of "Saying No to Drugs!" Rock Star Day was Sayger's favorite and he had his outfit picked out for days. The shirt is too long to see the chains and key rings he had hanging from the belt loop which scooped into his pocket. The lenses of the glasses flipped up and his hair had color in it. He looked pretty cool!!

Posing for a picture in the pumpkin patch!

The Pumpkin Patch

One Saturday afternoon we called our good friends the Redders and asked if they wanted to go to the pumpkin patch and gather some pumpkins for Halloween. The Redders have 7 children and we have 3 and to all of our amazement we only had three with us at the Pumpkin Patch, their youngest son, Sayger and Stormie. Shandler was at Frightmares in Utah with Korena's daughter and Scott's boys were visiting their mother. We scanned the pumpkin patch for the best pumpkins and loaded a wagon full. Even though all of our children were not there we gathered pumkins for them all, so the wagon was very full! Scoot pulled the thing from place to place and in the end it was very heavy! As you can see the weather was still pleasant and we had a fun afternoon. The little boys ran all over that patch and had a great time finding the perfect pumpkin.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Someday I will be back to catch up our blog...... right now it is on the botton of the priority list.
1. I am a mother-homework, house, dinner, laundry
2. I am a wife-:)
3. I am a teacher-educate, plan and correct papers
4. I need to get kids to events, piano, dance, Taekwondo, cheer, basketball
5. I need to watch all of the events.... dance, Taekwondo, cheer and basketball
6. Help my neighbors and friends who have recently undergone tragedy or surgery
7. Counseling....those who need me.
8. Baking for Christmas
9. Shopping for Christmas
10. Attending Christmas functions
11. Preparing for holiday events and dinner
12. Put together Masters Degree Portfolio
13. Blogging....maybe :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jaylee and the soccer field.

She was a fierce soccer player..... Check out the fear in those boys faces!

Jaylee often had a game directly after Sayger's. We stayed one afternoon and took some pictures of her while she played. These were some from one of her first games. She looked so cute. Remember Jay.... you can do anything as long as you look good doing it!! Love the cute hair do!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

First Day of School.....

First Day of School 2009..... Shandler is headed to the Junior High-6th grade. Sayger is going to the 2nd grade this year and Stormie is a freshman in High School! Cute kids!!!


This summer the high school soccer team hosted two camps. Sayger's good friend Zach invited him to go and they had a blast. They even received a free soccer ball( which I helped pay for with the registration fee) and he was thrilled!!! He was so anxious for soccer to start with the rec. program and asked continually when he could start! Finally the day came, we signed up and practice started! He did great. He really enjoyed it and actually they had a pretty good little team and a patient coach who taught them alot. We loved watching him and how excited he got when his teammates scored and how into he got when he played goalie! It was a fun fall sport and only a couple of games with cold weather!


So hard to believe I have a daughter in high school! The time has truly flown by and I could not be prouder of her. She was the only freshman girl to try out for cheer leading and she made it! Thanks Sissy for the coaching and help! She is part of the JV squad and was able to cheer with the Juniors and Seniors at homecoming. She did great and looked so grown up! She always thought she would rather play sports but I think it is in her blood, I was a cheerleader and dancer too, she LOVES it and fits the part perfectly!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

First snow.....

In October we woke up one morning to snow and it was covering the ground. Sayger was so excited he could hardly handle it. As the snow continued to pile up, he watched carefully from the front window anticipating the moment when there would actually be enough to ride his snowmobile. He continually asked his dad if there was enough and Kent would reply "Not yet!" As Sayger climbed the stairs to check the snow he heard the familiar sound of his snowmobile engine and excitedly geared himself up to ride! He spent the remainder of the afternoon zooming around the yard. He has finally grown enough that he can start it and keep it from getting stuck. He had a great time....even though it was a Sunday!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My siter's Big Day

My sister was married two weeks ago in September. In fact the last good weather day we had. She asked me to go with her to get her hair done and hang out, like sisters do. It was fun. We met at Peterson's Barn and decorated first thing, then I stopped and got her a sandwich while she started on her hair do! It was a process, especially since her hair is short, but in the end it turned out beautiful and was the perfect wedding do!
*** Wedding pictures to be posted at a later date.

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Korena and Lori
Brandy and Connie
Ellen and I-we have been friends since the sixth grade!!!
I am really lucky to have such great girlfriends. Kent was out of town on my birthday, so Lori made arrangements for us all to have dinner at the Upper Crust in Heyburn! We giggled, we visited, we laughed and we had a great time. Of course I had to wear the cheese hat and have my picture taken-silly! We have decided we need to do it every month and not just on birthdays!
Thanks girls the dinner was great and I loved the gifts, but most of all I feel lucky to have each of you in my life!!!