Sunday, March 22, 2009

Twilight was released!!!

Nice looking vampires...LOL!!! We all agreed Grandma's teeth were creepy!
Grandma Berni has heard more about Edward Cullen and Twilight than she could ever wish too. Grandma was just not getting it. Stormie is any typical teenage girl at this time, enthralled with a young handsome vampire. She has been counting down the days until it was released on home DVD. She babysat Friday night and was quite excited to purchase the movie Saturday after the birthday party. I commented "maybe, if we have time and I bet they will all be sold out so let's just wait a few days." Not the answer she wanted! She was not happy with me. However, Grandma Berni knew of her admiration(after hearing about it continually) and had purchased the movie first thing Saturday morning, along with treats for a surprise movie Twilight party. I bought the girls a couple of posters they had wanted and Sayger a Twilight package of pins to distribute. Grandma went to Twin on a mission to find vampire teeth and finally hit the jackpot at Poindexters. I told the kids she was coming because she was feeling bad, she hadn't spent any time with them over spring break. In the door she walked with vampire teeth.... It took a few minutes, but as soon as I walked around the corner with posters Stormie caught on and the excitement began!!! They watched the movie on the big screen and I even allowed the treats to go downstairs(that NEVER happens). Grandma now fully understands Stormies obsession with Twilight and agrees that Edward is a hero!

Birthday Party Dress Up!!

Saturday we were invited to a birthday party for a friend. The theme of the party was a "Sock Hop." The kids all dressed up and they looked so darn cute. We had a poodle skirt for Stormie, she wore it a few Halloweens ago. Brandy made one for Shandler so she wouldn't be left out. And check out Sayger...too cool. They had the party behind Al's Pizza, in the old soda shop and it was perfect. Stormie did face painting for the kids, they watched parts of Grease, had a drag race with hot wheel cars, had a dance off and listened to music from the 50's! Of course they had cake and ice cream and watched Mykala open her presents too. My children had a great time and I loved how cute they looked!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Golfer!!

The day was perfect. I dressed Sayger in a turtleneck with a long sleeved collared shirt(which is part of the Country Clubs rules). He said he golfed so hard he was sweating. Sayger loves time with his dad and I know his dad loves time with him too! Besides Sayger had to do something manly after spending two days shopping with his sisters and mom:)

Golfing with my dad!

Last week Kent mentioned he would like a few nice days during Spring break to go golfing. Last Saturday was beautiful, but I enlisted the crew to clean up the yard and clean out flower beds. So Sayger had a plan. Thursday morning they would take the sisters up to ski and he and his dad would go and golf. So that is exactly what they did.

Utah JAZZ!

We loved the game! We sat in the upper deck and it wasn't super close but they loved it. The atmosphere, the crowd, the treats, the Jazz bear. They loved to watch the talent of the players and really got into it. Sayger said he loved it all!! They felt famous being there! It was a good time!


On Monday I asked the kids to help with Spring cleaning.... I asked them to clean their bedrooms, closets, etc. along with helping me clean the house. I bribed them with a shopping trip for a new Spring outfit, Sayger a new toy. We polished the oak throughout the house, baseboards, door frames, doors, kitchen and bathroom cupboards. If you have seen my house you know about the wood trim-ALOT of it!!! As we were diligently cleaning, Dad came out of his office and announced he could get tickets for us to go to a Jazz game in Utah on Tuesday. YEA!!!! We cleaned like crazy(everyone pitching in and asking what needed completed next), finished laundry and packed. On the way to Salt Lake, the next day, we stopped at Maddox for lunch. It was the first time our children have eaten there, they weren't really sure of our choice until we pulled into the parking lot and they could see all of the cars. They loved the rolls, the raspberry butter, Sayger's lunch was served on a frisbee(which thrilled him), Stormie had a huge hamburger(1/2 lb. and ate it all) and Shandler tried chicken fried steak(for the first time). It was delicious and I bet this will become a stopping point while traveling to Utah from now on.

Spring clean up....

With spring came a haircut for Sayger Max! Time to clean up the long shaggy hair. I don't know who it bothers more his dad or me. I can't stand the hair hanging over his ears! He tolerates haircuts but they are not his favorite! He would rather let it grow.

Spring Break!!!

Of course! The first night of Spring Break and they want to stay up late watching the Disney channel and have a sleepover together on the air mattress! So here they are all three and the next day they were all exhausted because they stayed up too late, did not sleep in their beds, and were not comfortable. They had fun and these are the things that make being a kid memorable!

Update and Change

Sayger's room-entrance
Master bedroom


Anyone that knows me well, knows that I love to update and change my house. I move furniture, paint, redecorate, etc. I like to see things done differently(Look at the various hairstyles and colors I have had over the years). I have a dear friend that has a vinyl lettering business. I found a few sayings I liked and had her design some ideas for me. A couple of weekends ago I made a trip to Lowes, bought paint brushes, had Stormie dig out our paint cans and went to work. We filled holes in the wall from nails that held pictures, took out a very large mirror in the bathroom, replaced it with cute framed mirrors, touched up paint and repainted a few walls. After some time drying I rubbed on the vinyl lettering( which takes a fair amount of patience). I have to say it all turned out great and I love it! If you are interested I can give you her number and you can contact her. She does a great job and the prices are reasonable.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our Bronze Medalist

Good job Sayger!!!

Very Proud little man!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pee Wee Wrestling

They tied!
This is where I am out of my seat, cheering Sayger to roll and stand!

Go SON!!!

The wrestling stance!

Last weekend was Sayger's first wrestling tournament. We didn't take pictures because we were not really sure how it was going to go. First, Sayger does not always pay attention if he thinks his picture is being taken. Second, he not very aggressive in sports and we were all afraid he would not like it. To our GREAT SURPRISE.... Sayger won his first two matches and fought diligently for the last two. He was never pinned just out scored. I was a nervous wreck. I was afraid I would come out of the stands if someone hurt my baby, however, I have turned into his biggest fan as I twist, turn and jump from my seat to assist him in his maneuvers. This weekend they wrestled in Kimberly and he won one match, tied and lost two so he received a bronze medal. His dad was right down there on the floor twisting, turning and trying to mentally assist him too. Parents can not go to the mat and coach, for any reason!(I think this is a good policy) Last weekend when we came through the door, arriving at home, he turned and said "Today was the best day of my life!" I can not tell you what that means to his dad, he ate, drank and slept wrestling in high school and believes it is the greatest sport ever! The last couple of practices have been awesome as I watch our little man learn moves and fundamentals that help him gaining the skills he needs, I also take a very sweaty and smelly little boy home. I would like to thank his coaches for the time they take to help these little guys begin their careers in sports, you are wonderful!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This was Shandler's last weekend of basketball on a traveling team. She did awesome! There were several weekends members of the team could not make it and Shandler had to play the entire game with the only breaks coming when the coach called a "time out." She was a trooper. Shandler often got light headed during games and sometimes lost her color, she would get a drink take a short rest and head out for the team. She has had a couple episodes in the morning getting ready for school, turning grey, getting clammy and cool, and trying to pass out while I am doing her hair. At first I though she was locking her knees but that was not it. Last week she did it again and I called the doctor, the nurse happened to answer the phone and got her in right away :). Shandler was diagnosed with hypoglycemia-her blood sugar bottoms out and down she goes. We are learning to recognize symptoms, but have adjusted our mornings to get her a good breakfast before she begins her day. She needs to focus on eating good meals and not skipping. She admitted she doesn't always eat much of her school lunch so I am encouraging her to check the menu so we can pack a lunch. I also started packing snacks for her to have on dance days, when she is using more energy. This will be a learning experience for us all.

Birthday Surprise

For several years Shandler has asked me to shave her legs. I have denied her that opportunity as long as possible. I was hoping she could last a bit longer. However, one day at church I noticed she had hair poking through her tights-I guess it is time. For her birthday we gave her a shaving kit, cream and razors. She was surprised and thrilled and that easily could have been the last gift she opened. She was not about to wait and as soon as the family left she was headed to shave her legs. First we used the electric shaver to get the length off and then set out for the first shave as a young lady. She was nervous but so excited and we have all heard about and felt her smooth legs ever since. I can't believe she is growing up so quickly. Little girls don't stay little for long. Sad but true :( She is beautiful with hairy legs or smooth.

Taekwondo Testing Day!

Go Sayger! He had to really concentrate on some parts of the forms.

Happy Valentines Day, DAD!

For the past three years Dad has been in California on Valentines Day. This year he was home! We were glad to prepare a fun Valentine for him. We came up with a clever candy gram. The kids were the most excited, mostly because their dad is not big on sweets so they knew all the treats on the candy gram would be theirs( Sayger had dibs on the Whoppers). Our Dad never shows much emotion but I think he like it.

Little girl!

The other night Sayger called and asked Jaylee to come and play. After a couple of hours Kenna, Chip, Rigdon and MaKendrie came over to pick Jaylee up and play for awhile themselves. MaKendrie decided to check out the drawer I had my feet resting on while we were visiting. She pulled it out and crawled in. The drawer has a couple of plastic cups in it and bibs for the grand kids-so she fit perfectly and sat and played for a total of 1 minute and was ready to move on. First, I had to get a few pictures. She's pretty cute huh?