Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jaylee and the soccer field.

She was a fierce soccer player..... Check out the fear in those boys faces!

Jaylee often had a game directly after Sayger's. We stayed one afternoon and took some pictures of her while she played. These were some from one of her first games. She looked so cute. Remember Jay.... you can do anything as long as you look good doing it!! Love the cute hair do!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

First Day of School.....

First Day of School 2009..... Shandler is headed to the Junior High-6th grade. Sayger is going to the 2nd grade this year and Stormie is a freshman in High School! Cute kids!!!


This summer the high school soccer team hosted two camps. Sayger's good friend Zach invited him to go and they had a blast. They even received a free soccer ball( which I helped pay for with the registration fee) and he was thrilled!!! He was so anxious for soccer to start with the rec. program and asked continually when he could start! Finally the day came, we signed up and practice started! He did great. He really enjoyed it and actually they had a pretty good little team and a patient coach who taught them alot. We loved watching him and how excited he got when his teammates scored and how into he got when he played goalie! It was a fun fall sport and only a couple of games with cold weather!


So hard to believe I have a daughter in high school! The time has truly flown by and I could not be prouder of her. She was the only freshman girl to try out for cheer leading and she made it! Thanks Sissy for the coaching and help! She is part of the JV squad and was able to cheer with the Juniors and Seniors at homecoming. She did great and looked so grown up! She always thought she would rather play sports but I think it is in her blood, I was a cheerleader and dancer too, she LOVES it and fits the part perfectly!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

First snow.....

In October we woke up one morning to snow and it was covering the ground. Sayger was so excited he could hardly handle it. As the snow continued to pile up, he watched carefully from the front window anticipating the moment when there would actually be enough to ride his snowmobile. He continually asked his dad if there was enough and Kent would reply "Not yet!" As Sayger climbed the stairs to check the snow he heard the familiar sound of his snowmobile engine and excitedly geared himself up to ride! He spent the remainder of the afternoon zooming around the yard. He has finally grown enough that he can start it and keep it from getting stuck. He had a great time....even though it was a Sunday!