Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family and Friends

Ray, Melva, mom and grandma.
Melva, checking out my river.
Stormie and Sayger.
Go Sayger!!
Checking the water. A family friend came from California and we had a BBQ so she could see our river and have some fun!! Shandler was at dance camp so she wasn't in the pictures :( It was a perfect day with great weather and some good food!!

The big winner!!!

Shandler spends all summer getting herself and her horse ready for the fair. It used to make me a nervous wreck but this summer we decided to just spend time enjoying the rides. Sydney was thrilled when Shandler first rode early this spring she had matured, we made some changes with her horse and the feed and it turned out awesome. Shandler did not need to spend as much time learning to do the basics, she started the year off ahead. This year Shandler had to learn a new pattern and with Syd's help she aced it with a trophy and blue rosette! I had tears in my eyes and so did Syd. It was awesome. The judge even stood up and clapped for Shandler. It was a long day from 5:30 am until 5:45 pm but as you can see it was all worth it.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cassia County Fair 2009

Stormie's face says it all!
Washing pigs before weigh in.
Fair time.... Kent grew up participating in the fair, so we did fair when Kenna and Charlie were young and now the tradition is being passed to my children as they participate in the Fair. We raise pigs for our 4-H projects and Shandler also takes a horse. We start in February and finish up at the sale in August when our projects pay off. Fair week is the social event of the summer and we spend all week at the fair nearly from dawn until dusk(often later)!. Kent takes vacation time to help the kids with their projects because I am a California girl and this is not up my alley. However, it is a great week and we all look forward to it. This year our friends had their 5th wheel trailer there and it was a lifesaver in more than one way!! Look for more posts to come on fair week, pigs horses and more!

Shopping in SL

Dinner at Macorni Grill-we had the BEST waiter!
We wore poor Chloe out.
Fun memories-mother/daughter.Kris and Chloe
Chloe loves Stormie and when Storm put on her flowered shirt Chloe begged her mom to put on a flowered shirt too! They were cute. We are looking forward to next year already!!!!

Our favorite shopping trip of the year!!!

Dinner at the Cheesecake Factory... taking cheesecake with us:)
Kris and I
Stormie, Kris and Chloe
Mom and Stormie in the car.... still feeling a bit loopey here:)

For three years Kris and I have taken our girls on a "Girls Only" shopping trip before school starts. The past two years we have gone to Boise but this year we ventured to Salt Lake and we had a fantastic time. Shandler had been invited to a dance camp, in which she was thrilled, so we missed her this year. We shop, laugh, share and spend time together and best of all calories are never counted on the shopping trip:) This year we had to quickly fit it in before fair and Lynn and Kris had a race. We decided to leave Tuesday but I had an early morning dentist appointment so we planned on about noon. For those of you that know me, you completely understand my anxiety when it comes to dental work. I had a crown that the dentist did not get on correctly and a crack that needed repaired-that news had me in dithers. I informed the dentist he would be taking care of both issues at one time AND I would like oral sedation. So for $4.76 I slept through the entire procedure!!! NICE!! The only problem with that was I also slept in the car all the way to Salt Lake and I snored, which provided great entertainment for Kris and Stormie. We stopped in Snowville, which I have a vague memory of but had a great nap the rest of the way. When we stopped to shop in Layton I was still a bit foggy and if Stormie would have played her cards right she could have loaded up and I would probably never had known it:) I finally started coming around and focusing while at dinner, Love the Cheesecake Factory. Thanks Kris for the great trip and I am so glad I was able to give you two a laugh!


Shandler's braces!
Open wide....
The tech that put Shandler's braces on posed for a quick photo

Shandler was a little nervous and a little excited with loads of butterflies in her tummy! She did great getting her braces on and did even better for the next few days. Her mouth was the most bothered from keeping it stretched open while having the braces put on. She did have wax on a few back teeth for a couple of days but was a trooper!! The dentist said 18 months if she follows all the rules and maybe sooner! He made me a deal.... He would buck her teeth out and space them inches apart, that way the boys would not even look at her and then when she was around 25 he would fix them and make her beautiful. The best part is I wouldn't have to pay anything until she turned 25! She was not impressed with that idea so I guess were working on the 18th month plan!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

He did it!!!

Where is he????
There he is.....
He's up!!!! WOOHOOO!!!

Sayger's goal this summer was to wakeboard! And with a small bribe and great bravery he made it up and he boards outside of the wake!! At first he would only go about 100 feet and then fall but now he goes in and out of the wake and stays up for a long time(from our house almost to Montgomery bridge) AMAZING. He sure looks little compared to the big ole river around him. He loves it and when his sisters ask their dad to pull them he is right in the middle of it asking if he can go too. It has been awesome to watch him this summer!!! Keep up the hard work Sayger!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


The holes left in Sayger's mouth.
The loot from the tooth fairy, with "Fairy Dust" on it!!!
The three teeth pulled at the dentist.
Sore and numb mouth :(
Each summer I schedule a day in which we can all attend the dentist for check-ups and cleanings. Before we went to the dentist this time, he asked me to have Sayger evaluated for crowding. The orthodontist suggested three teeth be pulled. After our check-ups(from 8:30 until 1:00) I consulted with the dentist to discuss the teeth being pulled. He said they were all baby teeth and it would be fairly easy to pull them, in fact they may have time right now. To my surprise they took Sayger back and pulled his three baby teeth that very day. He was such a big boy and was so brave-unlike me-I hate the dentist and any kind of dental work!! They brough him out about 45 minutes later and gave me instructions to keep him down and only soft foods for a couple of days. I was little confused since they were just baby teeth but figured it must be because they pulled three. That is until they showed me the teeth in the little treasure box he held. I almost fainted when I saw the size and it must have shown on my face because the nurse immediately began explaining that the baby teeth they pulled had not lost their roots yet so they had to pull the entire tooth. Because of the deep holes Sayger had to lounge all day and could not play or run around, blood clots had to solidify, if they didn't it would be bad and painful for my little man. We parked him downstairs with his PS2 and a milkshake. He was pretty good until later that evening and then became miserable and just wanted to sit with me. I was glad to hold and comfort him and hoped it would feel better the next day. When he woke up he was thrilled to see money under his pillow but was even more excited to see "Fairy Dust" all over the pillow, the money, his bedspread and him. It was the highlight of the entire event plus his mouth felt much better. That tooth fairy is pretty cool!!!

Boys and Big Machinery!!

Sayger behind the controls....
When the river came up so high this spring it continually washed away the dirt from the planter we have at the edge of our property. Kent kept a watchful eye on it waiting for the big rock to tip over. On the 4th we were sitting there watching the kids in the river, when the rock slowly and ever so gently tipped over. Once the water level dropped Kent borrowed the Bishop's backhoe and tipped the rock over with the help of our little man. Did he really think he would get the opportunity to use big machinery without Sayger. This little boy is 100% boy and loves trucks, tractors, etc. He was thrilled to have that backhoe in our yard. After he and his father fixed the rock, they went into the field next door and dug a hole-Sayger easily used the controls and was so excited to operate it all by himself!