Sunday, April 17, 2011


Shirts they made...

Cache, Stormie, Shandler, Kallie, Teighlor,Riley

Shandler, Stormie and Grandma Berni
A couple of years ago a book was published about a family of good vampires that lived in Washington. The book was all the craze, Stormie and I read the series as fast as they came out. Stormie was in love with the main character who is both the villain and the hero. To tell you the truth, they are fantastic books and I couldn't put them down.

Grandma Berni laughed at Stormie and teased her about her love of a book character. We talked her into reading the first book and she was HOOKED!! When the first movie came out Grandma Berni had just had a knee replacement and could not take Stormie to the premiere but when Eclipse came out she was determine to sit with the girls at the theatre and be there when the midnight doors opened. So at 4:00 p.m. we met grandma and set up chairs for the long awaited evening and movie. Shandler hung out for a couple of hours and then we went and picked her up for a softball game, but Stormie and grandma laid claim to their spot and did not move. Soon the pre-ordered tickets and a large group of friends arrived and the party was on. KAT Country even came and they all got their picture in the paper. They ate pizza, blizzards, took pictures and played games all through the evening!!!

When it was time for the doors to open Shandler about had heart failure.... Grandma Berni has bad knees and the crowd of people began to push and run into grandma so Shandler had to get nasty at tell a few people to back off...not to push her grandma!! In the end they did not think the whole waiting outside the movie house was worth it.... the crowd was loud in the movies and crooned every time Jacob or Edward came onto the screen so you could not even hear the movie!!! It was a first and last experience all wrapped into one. Grandma Berni loved the opportunity and was glad to have shared it with the girls but will never do it again. Stormie and Shandler said it was fun but will never stay up that late to miss half of the movie due to screaming girls!!