Friday, March 19, 2010

Big Sisters Birthday!!!!

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! That is what we heard all day! Charlce celebrated her birthday while she was here and I am not sure who was more excited for it, her brother and sisters or her!! They made her a beautiful cake equipped with candles and all. We sang "Happy Birthday" and she shared her treats with us. She even let the little kids help blow out her birthday candles. It was a fun day and I hope she knows how special we all think she is! 25 is half way to 50 ya know:)

Thanksgiving 2009....

Going to Grandmas for dinner!

Grandma Great making our favorite...noodles:)

Grandma and Sayger

We always spend Thanksgiving with my family and this year my grandma decided it was time to give up such a big house and big yard, she moved in with my mom. It has been great for both of them and less worry too. We had our usual, turkey, sweet potatoes, homemade noodles, gravy, dressing and pumpkin pie(which is Stormie's absolute favorite!!!). Charlce and Ricky where here this year and after we ate we played several rounds of Hand & Foot!!! It was a fun and FULL day :)

NASCAR Day....

Charlce lives in the South and has grown to love NASCAR, which she has passed on to my son!! While she was here for Thanksgiving, they planned a NASCAR Sunday!! They put on their NASCAR pj's and found a comfortable spot on the couch and watched the races all day!!! As you can see the remainder of the family had a good nap! I have to admit, the thrill of NASCAR would be far greater if I was there, but watching lap after lap on the television was not my favorite!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Something between dads and their sons....

On a trip home, Kent stopped at Cabelas in Boise-one of his favorite stores! He had been looking for the perfect gun for Sayger to learn to shoot with. He called and asked me what I thought. I had no idea and told him to get the gun he thought would be best. He purchased the Rossi-Trifecta and was so proud. He came home and hid it in the closet. We debated about it being a Christmas gift but Kent couldn't stand it. He called Sayger in and had him open the box. Sayger was thrilled and wanted to go out and shoot it immediately!! Kent took him to the field behind G&G Kidd's house to shoot. Sayger learned gun safety first!!! He also learned that his gun had a 22, a 223 and a 410 all in one. They shot cans and pumpkins that day and Sayger had a great time. However, he decided he does need ear plugs, it gets a little loud.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Halloween Dinner...

I never do any of those fun dinner posts but on the Monday night before Halloween I had this great idea so I put it together along with some fun recipes from the internet. We had mummies, monster blood, green worms and a little graveyard for dessert. It turned out really cute and by surprise we had a Valmont Rep. that was coming through and needed to pick up some promo items from Kent so he enjoyed it with us. He got a kick out of the creative dinner idea and loved watching the kids reaction too. It turned out fun!!

Soooooo it has been awhile....

I plan on working diligently on catching up my blog but remember I am a full time teacher, a full time mother, a full time intern, a full time taxi driver and much more so this has been on the bottom of my priority list. HOWEVER, I want to create books for my children so they not only have the pictures but they have the stories too. So hang on...... we are going all the way back to Halloween!