Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dancing in the parade...

Shandler was also in the parade with her dance group. They were very cute and as always the facial expressions and energy Shandler shares is the best part of watching her perform. There is no lack of confidence there!! She did great and we loved watching her "BOOM, BOOM, POW" down the street!

Cheerleading in the parade...

Stormie was so excited to be a high school cheerleader, she didn't even mind the early morning parade practice! She looked great and so did the rest of Mrs. Kidd's team. We loved watching her in the parade, she looked beautiful and very sharp. Way to go Stormie, we look forward to seeing you at the games this year!!!


Proud moments

Proud as punch!!
Shandler did so well at fair this year with her horse. I could not be prouder of her. She looked beautiful, kept her head clam and listened to her leader. This year she had the most points in her age bracket and w0n the "High Point Buckle!" They posted the results on Thursday morning and as I walked in the pig barn she came screaming around the corner, I thought she was hurt or something tragic had happened. She grabbed me and yelled "Mom, I won the high point buckle!!!" I asked her how she knew that and she drug me to the postings, with a huge grin on her face!!! She was thrilled and it made the whole fair for her!!! Friday after Round Robin they presented her with her buckle and I must say it is fancy!!!

My girl and her horse!

She looked awesome!
Receiving her trophy and blue rosette!
Giving her horse a pep talk and taking a breather!
Heading in for halter!

Fun in the sun!

little girl!
The whole crew!

This summer my niece and her sons were going to come an spend a day swimming so I invited Kenna and the kids to come spend some time on the river too. Jessica forgot all about our river date but Kenna and the kids came and we spent all afternoon playing in the river, jumping off the dock, collecting rocks and snacking on some yummy treats. Grandpa got his camera out for some fun shots. Next year Jessica... and mark it on your calendar!!!!