Saturday, April 10, 2010

Christmas Crafts

Every year I look for some type of homemade craft to make my friends for Christmas. I have made jelly, a butter spread, recipe boxes and this year I made clip boards. I saw the idea in a scrapbook store, took a picture of it on my phone and created my own style:) They turned out pretty cool. I took the picture in October and couldn't delete it until I created one of my own, I was afraid I would forget about them and I am totally a visual learner.

Queen for the Dance!

Shandler and Tucker were 6th grade King and Queen at their Christmas dance. Love the Burger King crown with "Queen" written on it. She was pretty excited but ran in and told her sister first. Stormie came to tell me and I had to ask her about it. She went to her backpack and pulled out the crown. I made her pose for pictures. She looked really cute that day, her hair was all curly and her outfit was perfect. It was fun for her, however, she was more excited to tell me everyone she danced with than to tell me about the crown.


Love to watch her cheer, she does such a good job!! When we were in Mexico one of her friends asked "Where's your mom.....she never misses seeing you cheer?" I felt bad because I do make it to all of her games just to watch her cheer and she looks for me too!!! Dad made it to this one and took the pictures for me.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dance like no one is watching....

Look at that!!!
Pretty pointed toes!!!
Look at that face.....
Dance Force danced for one of the half-time performances over Christmas Break and Shandler's group was one of them. We love to watch her dance, but after seeing these pictures we were amazed at some of the things she can do. Stormie sat right on the sidelines and directly after the dance she came running up and exclaimed " DID YOU SEE THAT, SHE WAS AMAZING!!!!" Then she told Shandler the same thing as she came to see us after her dance. She did do very well and is so animated it is fun to watch her.

A little sledding fun!

While we searched for a tree Sayger and his dad kept their eyes out for the perfect place to sled. As you can see, it was almost dark before they found the perfect spot and I sat in the car and took a few photos of the fun. It was getting pretty cold so Sayger just took a couple of runs before his cheeks were frozen!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Finding the perfect tree....

Falling down the mountain.....
Really falling down the mountain......careful Auntie Brooke!
How about this one?

I LOVE Christmas, it is my very favorite and in my house there are two trees. I have always loved looking for the perfect tree and often it would take hours in tree lots circling around looking for the tree I loved. My family hates shopping for the perfect tree in town but they enjoy the mountain search. We have a tree in the family room but have been unable to keep alive and green because of the fireplace, so we now have a beautiful pre-lit tree for the family room. It has all the keepsake ornaments on it. I used to have a tree flocked and placed in the piano room with red decorations but have since traded for a live tree directly from the mountains near our home. We invited my sister and her husband this year and went to Hagglar Canyon to search for our Christmas tree to place in the dining room near the stairs-at 12 feet tall. We packed the car with treats and hot chocolate, dressed for the weather and picked a perfect day. We did hike and I could not find the perfect tree!!! So we hiked some more and Kent found a tree, he cut it down and I did not like it, but Brooke did so they hauled it to their truck. Kent and I hiked some more, up to the very top of a steep hill in which Kent quickly pointed out mountain lion tracks bigger than a dinner plate. Needless to say the tree search began to quicken! I found the tree I loved, Kent cut it down and stood it in front of me and I hated it!! He told me "TOO BAD!"(there is more to the story , but it can not be posted) and hauled it to the truck. It turned out to be perfect and was a beautiful tree.