Sunday, April 26, 2009

Congratulations Stormie!

The last two weeks have been a little hectic with my Stormie girl. She decided to try out for the high school cheer squad. The odd part, she is the only freshmen girl that tried out. She was very nervous and afraid she would not be good enough. We enlisted the help of my good friend, Sissy, who was a cheerleader for North Texas A&M. She worked faithfully with Stormie for a week and through the weekend. They worked on sharpness, stretches, balance, form, voice, and even made up a new cheer to words the coach at the high school had given them. Thank you Sissy, it paid off! She had me watch the cheers and the school spirit dance so much that I bet I could do them now.
Tryouts were last Monday. When I dropped her off I knew how nervous she was and I was nervous for her, as the mom I also had many butterflies. I walked the track and did a few bleachers so I could kill the time before heading home to make dinner. I knew the clock would never move if I didn't do something. Just after seven that evening she called to tell me she had a ride home and "YES!!" she had made the team!!
She is very excited and looking forward to next year at the high school! Me, well I am excited for her too, but NOT ready for high school, I wish I had my little baby back. The time will go even faster now so be prepared for numerous blogs about my teenage adventures. CONGRATULATIONS STORMIE, we are so proud of you!!!

The Grandkids...

I LOVE this picture!! They are growing so quickly :(
Look at my "nake!"OHHH for me!!
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa.
I'm not sure who was more excited, our children to take the Easter baskets, or my grandchildren when they got them. It was cute! It is always fun to spoil them and I try to give somewhat healthier treats than usual. Marshmellows are a tradition and a favorite. But I am the grandma and including a few sweet treats is my job! Hope you liked everything.. love ya!

Easter morning...

Early Easter Sunday-We have early church! I love Sayger's pink tie!
Checking out our loot!
Good Stuff!!
Mom, do not take my picture! Stormie is at the age she has to be prepared for her picture to be taken, so this is as close as you will get to seeing her morning look.
The Easter bunny visited our house too and left some neat goodies for the Kidd kids! It was an early morning due to early church, but still fun!! They loved their Easter treats.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Vibrant colors of Spring!!

Beautiful Easter eggs!!

Coloring Easter Eggs

Coloring eggs with Grandma Berni and Grandma Great

I think every child loves coloring Easter eggs. It is so fun to see what imaginative designs you can create. My children loved it and I loved the color of their eggs this year, them seemed so vibrant. Maybe, it is just my age.

School Easter Party

The finished art project!
The egg on a spoon game.
Egg race-part two

Cute little boy!
Diligent little worker!
This year I signed up to be a room mother for each of my grade school children. I helped with Shandler's Valentine party and I was assigned to Sayger's Easter party. Unfortunately, I had a teaching inservice on the day of Sayger's party and I was the mom in charge of treats. To my fortune and to Sayger's great joy, Kent was home working on our kitchen. I enlisted him, against his plans for the day, to be Sayger's room mother(father). I put everything together, I had treats ready, all Kent had to do was deliver them in time. They both had great fun and he took some great shots of the party. It really did make Sayger's day to have his dad there.


Part of the kitchen tile was on... see the opposite side.
One picture of the finished product. My dream kitchen!

Our counters were formica(spelling?) and just needed an update.
Several months ago I went to pick a purse Kenna and Charlce had given me from The Bag Lady. While I was there visiting, I noticed we had the same cabinets as I do. I also noticed her granite tile counter tops. I inquired and found out they had re-countered their kitchen themselves. I came home and mentioned it to Kent... actually I have mentioned new counter tops for a long time. For anyone that knows Kent, he never starts a project without a "vision." A couple of days later he was in the kitchen with a measuring tape, a couple of days after that he had me checking tile on-line and that Saturday we were at the tile store picking out samples! We brought them home, picked the ones we liked and Kent ordered the tile. HE HAD A VISION!!! and I love it. Kent tiled the entire laundry room, the kitchen and will soon finished with the downstairs bath. It turned out absolutely beautiful! I loved this kitchen the first time I was in it, years ago and I have always loved the oak. The granite has just enriched it. Thanks Kent, you are so talented and quite a visionary!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Pickin PIGS!!!"

They are so cute!!
This one stands out...
Take me, Take me, Take me...
It is that time of year-4H and "pickin pigs!" This is the highlight of spring. I can't tell you the number of years we have shown pigs in 4H. It started with Kenna and Charlce and has been passed on. They absolutely love to go and pick out their pigs-of course dad gives and opinion here and there- but they could spend the entire day there watching those baby pigs. I would agree, baby pigs are pretty darn cute:) However, the smell is not so cute!

Happy Birthday Kenna!!!

Enjoying the frosting!!!
Licking the spoon.
More help than you need.
When I turned thirty I felt so old. Of course Kenna and Charlce reminded me just how old I was. I told Kenna it was okay because someday she would turn thirty. This year she is one year away. When I married Kent, Kenna was a bit unsure of me and it took her awhile to warm up. She had a birthday the April before we were married and I made her a cake with chips in it(we have a great picture of that somewhere, it shows how unsure Kenna really was). I have made her that cake for nineteen years now( Stormie helped this year)... We had dinner together today and celebrated her big day. I can't believe how quickly the time has gone-from 10 to 29 in the blink of an eye! We are proud of you and love you.. Happy Birthday.

Bubble Mania!!!!

Princess bubble crown!!
SOOOOO Cute!!!
Sayger's new thing is bubble baths... the more bubbles the better. Mr. Bubble is the best!!! He is so cute... I hate that they grow up.

The job is done....

Several months ago I signed our family, along with the Hansen family, up to clean the church. It was finally our turn! We planned to clean it Saturday evening and then take our two families out to dinner together. Our family had wrestling tournaments in Twin and we gathered groceries while there. When we arrived home we had a reminder on the phone about cleaning the church along with a reminder about the Young Women's Broadcast-which was in one hour from right now!. We threw groceries here, there and everywhere, frantically called the Hansen's, who met us in the driveway and we headed to the church! We found our list and got to work. With our two families combined we really had a cleaning crew... everyone had an assignment and Lynn brought extra strength cleaning gloves for all. We got right to work... it was a blessing to clean our church building and to have pride in our work. There were a few moments of the "YUCK" factor in the restrooms, in which Lynn volunteered because he said they needed a deep clean. Overall we giggled, whistled and smiled as we cleaned away. Because of the size of our crew it took us about an hour and we were on our way to dinner. We love the Hansen family and have become great friends.We really looked forward to our cleaning day, especially my kids because they knew we were doing something together as families. We shared dinner and laughter and had a great night. We love you guys and thanks for being part of our Cleaning Crew!

The Cleaning Crew!!!