Saturday, May 16, 2009

He is still a little boy...

Tonight our family went to Grandma's to help mow the lawn. Since it was such a warm evening Sayger asked to have an ice cream. Grandma keeps her freezer well stocked with assorted ice creams for those little mouths that enjoy a cool summer treat. He was sitting on the deck visiting with Grandma and had just asked her if her "feeder bird" had any visitors since she hung it up. At that moment a hummingbird zoomed past the feeder. Sayger sat up and excitedly told Grandma a rocket bird had just zoomed past her feeder. Grandma's eyes got bright as she repeated "a rocket bird!!"
The rest of the story.... When Sayger was younger he explained to Grandma in great detail that they were rocket birds because they had jets on their tails that helped them go so fast. We have giggled many times over the rocket birds. I'm glad he still has his childhood boyishness and calls them rocket birds.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Today was Mother's Day. But in reality, everyday is mother's day. I am a mother 24/7 and I am thankful to my Heavenly Father for giving me the opportunity to be a mother.
Almost 19 years ago I was given my first shot at being a mom when I married Kent. Wow, 22 years old, a new husband and two children with one "I do." I can look back now and laugh, shed tears and be thankful for the lessons I learned and the chance I was given to be a part of their lives-it was like a trial run. I only wish I would have been given the mother's manual ahead of time so I could have studied more. I would like to thank both of those girls for allowing me to be apart of their lives then and now, and for including me when they celebrate Mother's Day.
I am also thankful for the three beautiful children Heavenly Father blessed me with and the opportunity I have been given to raise them. I love being a mother and I am rewarded every day as I watch them grow and change right before my eyes. Today in church the talk focused on mothers who know. I hope I am a mother who knows and I hope I am passing on to all five of my children, the values of life, family and the gospel. I know how quickly we can become involved in life and the things happening around us but as I look back and look to the future I hope I am creating memories and values that my children will carry with them.
Thanks for picking me to be your mom! I love everything about all of you! I am proud of my family and I hope each of my children know that you are everything to me.
I learned from my mother who knew and my awesome grandmother who knew. Each taught me the value of family! I pray that I can continue to pass what I know on to you and that our family will be one who knows!