Monday, February 9, 2009

My little groundhog

Shandlers birthday is on groundhogs day! Do you think I even thought of that during her birth...NOPE! We celebratede by taking her to Gossners for dinner. She loves the chicken soup there. I bought her a birhtday pin to wear and a crown. She does think she is the princess! It was fun. Stay tuned for the cheese head.
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Mindy said...

Happy Birthday!!

Janiece said...

Yummmy, I love to eat there!
Happy Birthday!
Mrs. B

Chase and Dani said...

Happy Birthday SHANDLER!!

The Kidds said...

I LOVE that little cafe in Gossners! They have this little goat-cheese paninni thing that I get everytime we go! Yay! Happy Birthday Shandler- I love the crown!