Sunday, November 15, 2009


This summer the high school soccer team hosted two camps. Sayger's good friend Zach invited him to go and they had a blast. They even received a free soccer ball( which I helped pay for with the registration fee) and he was thrilled!!! He was so anxious for soccer to start with the rec. program and asked continually when he could start! Finally the day came, we signed up and practice started! He did great. He really enjoyed it and actually they had a pretty good little team and a patient coach who taught them alot. We loved watching him and how excited he got when his teammates scored and how into he got when he played goalie! It was a fun fall sport and only a couple of games with cold weather!

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Janiece said...

I got totally hooked on Argentina Futbal (soccer) while I was there.
I am sure Sayger did GREAT.