Thursday, December 23, 2010

4-H projects.....

One of the highlights of spring are these cute little pigs. Each year Kent and the girls pick out the perfect 4-H pigs to rasie for the fair in August. It takes a few months to get them ready and we start around April 15th or so. This is a highlight of the year. When we bring them home they run all around the pen avoiding any type of human contact, but by mid summer they let the kids scratch their backs and run to the fence to see if we may have a treat they can eat. Soon these little piggies begin to eat us out of house and home as they grow for fair week. The girls check on them daily since pigs can not run out of water, they also make sure their is always plenty of food for them to eat which helps them gain weight. We weigh the pigs a couple of times during the
months in order to see their progress and make sure they are gaining weight. Soon they will be ready for the end of the summer highlight...the county fair, where these little piggies head to market!! This is also the social event of the summer and a great way to begin a college savings account!!

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