Thursday, October 16, 2008


Not one but two teeth came out today. All I can say is it is a good thing summer and the fair are over, Sayger would have no teeth for corn on the cob, one of his favorites. The front tooth was hanging by a thread and against his better judgement he let me pull it. As I was pulling the "snaggle" out I could see the lower left tooth tipping out, so I gently pulled on it too. To my surprise and Saygers it easily came out. I hope the tooth fairy is ready for two teeth under the pillow tonight. Dad is on a work trip(see the salmon pictures below) and he asks Sayger everyday if the tooth is gone yet. As soon as the tooth was placed in the baggy for safe keeping he just had to call his dad. They discussed the tooth for awhile and as you can see Sayger is quite pleased with himself.
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The Kidds said...

I hope you have lots of JELLO on hand because I think that's all the poor kid is going to be able to eat for a while! It's such a funny stage!