Thursday, November 4, 2010


Performance Dinner
Enjoying a day at the pool!

Our hotel!!!
The beach!!
The balcony!!
Headed to the poolside!
Welcome dinner
Kenneth and Kim...good friends!

Carol and Kristin
Territory Manager dinner

Rich and Kristin
Kent had an International meeting this year in Cancun, Mexico. It was fabulous!!! We stayed at a beautiful resort, The Moon Palace!! Each day the ladies and I would get up early and head out for an exercise walk on the beach, go to breakfast(all inclusive...the way to go) and get a spot by the pool! January is the greatest time to go to Mexico, the weather was in the mid 80"s every day and it was gorgeous!!! Kent had meetings during the day so us ladies would just lounge by the pool, swim to the bar area, get a drink, swim back and lounge some more. It was wonderful!!!
In the evenings we would get ourselves all dressed up and have dinner, attend social events and one night we even went dancing. It was a great time!!!

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