Thursday, March 18, 2010

Something between dads and their sons....

On a trip home, Kent stopped at Cabelas in Boise-one of his favorite stores! He had been looking for the perfect gun for Sayger to learn to shoot with. He called and asked me what I thought. I had no idea and told him to get the gun he thought would be best. He purchased the Rossi-Trifecta and was so proud. He came home and hid it in the closet. We debated about it being a Christmas gift but Kent couldn't stand it. He called Sayger in and had him open the box. Sayger was thrilled and wanted to go out and shoot it immediately!! Kent took him to the field behind G&G Kidd's house to shoot. Sayger learned gun safety first!!! He also learned that his gun had a 22, a 223 and a 410 all in one. They shot cans and pumpkins that day and Sayger had a great time. However, he decided he does need ear plugs, it gets a little loud.

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Janiece said...

Kirk was the same way with our boys, though Kira is a better shot than all of them...hehhee

Sayger is an amazing young man!

FIY: Josh is testing for his 5th degree Saturday (20th) at 9:00am at Master Hartwell's school in Twin Falls.
We would love to see you there.