Friday, March 19, 2010

Big Sisters Birthday!!!!

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! That is what we heard all day! Charlce celebrated her birthday while she was here and I am not sure who was more excited for it, her brother and sisters or her!! They made her a beautiful cake equipped with candles and all. We sang "Happy Birthday" and she shared her treats with us. She even let the little kids help blow out her birthday candles. It was a fun day and I hope she knows how special we all think she is! 25 is half way to 50 ya know:)

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Wright Family said...

Yep it was my birthday!!! Wow glad to see I am not the only one slacking on the blog LOL And yes I do know how special I am to y'all but I don't ever get tired of hearing it HEHEHE! I also know how special I am to be part of such a terrific family that I love so much! Oh and thanks for the final tid bit on half way to 50!!!