Sunday, October 11, 2009

I can ride my bicycle!!!

Sayger is my little character. He does nothing new unless he decides. When he was being potty trained he decided one day HE was going to potty in the toilet and all the preparing I did before made no difference, once he decided, it was a go! The same with reading, I tried to prep him, worked on sight words and bought fun games to play. However, it was not until HE decided he was going to read that he did. He has had a bicycle for years, ever since he was three. He started with training wheels and everything, but again, until HE decided he was going to ride it has sat in the garage collecting dust. This summer he learned to wake board on the river and it helped with his confidence to do other things. One day he looked at that bike in the garage and told his dad he was going to ride it. With a little help to get going, HE rode that bike!! I know Sayger will be able to do anything he wants in life, when HE makes up his mind.

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Shaun said...

That must be a trait from his mother because anyone who knows the Kidd family knows that does not run in their blood. Weird thing is that all their wives must be related because the gene comes from somewhere right?!