Sunday, October 11, 2009


Finished product!

My mom, anxious to help. Last year I ordered a bushel of peaches and was in the middle of school when they arrived and too ripe to wait, so mom and grandma canned them for me. This year when my bushel arrived my mom and I had everything ready to begin canning that very night. However, once they made it to my house(thanks Kent for picking them up) they were still a bit green, mom said we had time to wait until the weekend. I was actually glad to hear this, I have been wanting to learn how to can peaches for years. Saturday morning mom wanted to go to painting glass in Twin, Brooke was moving into her new house and I had a kitchen ready for canning. I went and helped my sister unpack and decorate until mom called saying she was on her way home from Twin. I then raced home from Rupert and began learning the process. I am also excited to say I have inherited my grandmothers pressure cooker-HOOOOORRRRAAAAYYY!!! It really wasn't as hard as I had once thought and in a couple of hours I had 21 jars of peaches!!! They looked beautiful and I have to say I am very proud of myself!!! I have since purchased half of a bushel and prepared them for cobblers and pies. Yes, it worked because I have already used one bag and made a terrific cobbler that disappeared in a matter of hours. Thanks for the lesson and help mom, we are enjoying the fresh packed fruit!!

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The Kidds said...

I love canned peaches... I've already ripped into mine- and they are FANTASTIC!!

It was fun seeing you this weekend at Dani's shower! I miss you guys! We're actually going to try and make it down for Kent's party THIS weekend too!!