Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lake Independence

The entire crew! Lori, Jason, Hailey and Zack Lugo. Kelcie Carpenter and Hallie Hitt.
Stormie and Kelcie
Hallie and Shandler
Lunch break- we were halfway there.

18 years ago I was with the young women's group and we hiked to Lake Independence. I was 75 pounds heavier and completely out of shape and it darn near killed me. I vowed that someday I would hike to Lake Independence again and I put it on my "Bucket List." 75 pounds lighter, three kids later and working out regularly, we planned our hike. Kent chose a weekend we could fit it in before soccer started and before it got cold. We spent a week planning and making a list of items. We mentioned it to the Lugo family and Jason saw photo opps., so they joined us. We each had back packs with frozen and thawed water along with bug spray, wet wipes, sweatshirts, chap stick, first aide kits, lunch, protein snacks and of course chocolate! We distributed the wealth and each of us carried a backpack, including Sayger! Kent and Jason carried all of their camera gear along with a few photo props and soon decided it was going to be a long hike. We started at noon and the weather was perfect. It was a little over casty which helped with the heat and a slight breeze would occasionally blow. Several times my children voiced their concern for my sanity and stated this was the stupidest idea I had ever had. We stopped in the shade and had lunch in which my telephone beeped with a face book message so Jason, Kent and I tried to post our status. Jason had a GPS and kept track of the mileage for us, which turned out to be 7 miles round trip. We ran into some people hiking back out and asked them how much further, they said once you get to the red gate you're there. Yes, we made it to the red gate and since we had hike in we decided to go all the way to the top lake. The kids found tiny frogs which amused them for some time, we ate chocolate and soaked our feet in the cool lake water. The hike down was brutal on the glutes and shins and we each took a turn sliding down the hills on our bums, including the men! We passed a mule train in which the people on the mules commented on their amazement that Zach and Sayger had hiked the entire way. When we arrived back at the car it was 6 p.m. We headed to Almo Outpost for dinner and then soaked in the hot pots until after ten. It is an experience I will remember and recall for a number of years and even though it was not an easy task, my children will be able to say they did it too. Kent and Jason got some great pictures and someday you may see some in a magazine, advertisement or sales add. It was great and it is one more thing to cross off of my "Bucket List." Thanks to my family for participating in my quest, you all amaze me and I am proud of you. Thanks to the Lugo's for sharing memories with us. Kelcie and Hallie it was great to have you along for the ride, you were both great sports!


Shaun said...

That's so great! I love hiking but haven't done a whole lot since I married Shaun... the broken knee kind of got in the way. But now he's fixed!! Bring on the Lake!!

Shaun said...

Okay- so it's really not Shaun- you know that right?!