Sunday, December 20, 2009

Carving and the display of pumpkins....

One Friday the kids did not have school, however, I did. I asked Kent to help them get their pumpkins carved and be sure to take pictures so I could see! It was a nice day but windy(imagine that!) so Dad set them up in the garage with garbage bags and carving tools. Sayger worked very hard this year to completely carve his pumpkin on his own. He would not let his dad help at all. He did great! When Shandler was very little she could not dig the guts out of the pumpkin without dry heaving the entire time. Kent or I have helped clean out her pumpkin for years, this year she conquered the slimy center of her pumpkin all on her own! They had a great time and were able to get them all carved and ready for the Halloween display and lighting. I have to say they were very cute and one of my favorite things to do is light the pumpkins and stand back in the driveway to see how they look in the dark. I also love the smell of the heat coming from the pumpkins as the flame is cooking the inside, it remind me of fall.

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