Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Someday I will be back to catch up our blog...... right now it is on the botton of the priority list.
1. I am a mother-homework, house, dinner, laundry
2. I am a wife-:)
3. I am a teacher-educate, plan and correct papers
4. I need to get kids to events, piano, dance, Taekwondo, cheer, basketball
5. I need to watch all of the events.... dance, Taekwondo, cheer and basketball
6. Help my neighbors and friends who have recently undergone tragedy or surgery
7. Counseling....those who need me.
8. Baking for Christmas
9. Shopping for Christmas
10. Attending Christmas functions
11. Preparing for holiday events and dinner
12. Put together Masters Degree Portfolio
13. Blogging....maybe :)

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