Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Basketball

John Charles came for a visit and made Shandler a sign. He did it once for Stormie a couple of years ago and Shandler was proud to have her turn!
Her game was at 8:00 Saturday morning......Are you kidding me!!!!

Shandler loves to play basketball and has played with this group of girls for several years. She started with them in the Declo Rec. program and last year they put together a traveling team and played various teams from South Eastern Idaho. She loves basketball and has become a pretty good little player. She has wonderful coaches that have taught her alot! We were not sure if they were going to put together a team so I signed her up to play ball in the Rupert League too. Her coaches called and now we are juggling two sets of basketball schedules.....whew!! They begin in November and will play until Christmas, this group is sponsored by the Burley Lions, JAZZ basketball. GO SHANDLER!!!!!


Jennifer Schafer said...

Kim, love your blog. I came across it from Mindy. Jenni

Kim and family said...

Thanks Jenni :)
Do you have a blog too? Invitation or open? I would love to see the pictures of your little family too.


Jennifer Schafer said...

Kim, mine is open: