Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dance Pictures

As I begin to update my blog, that is almost a year behind- I will be placing dance pictures that I love throughout the updates. I will also be updating the blog with current reflections and past pictures. With a very heavy heart Shandler had to make a big choice this year. Dance or not dance. Shandler is our athlete and has always loved moving but sports and the dedication to them won out and dance had to be set aside. She began this year playing volleyball and felt she needed to be there and support, as well as become part of her team. The stress of spreading herself between two loves began to weigh heavily upon her. I am proud that she could make the decesion that would work for her. She loves to dance and those of you that know her, know she flutters around everywhere she goes, dancing, jiving and twirling. She will miss dance but not as much as I will miss watching her dance.

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Janiece said...

I will look forward to seeing your blog up and running again. :o)
And it sounds like your sweet daughter is still dancing in her head and her life.