Saturday, October 30, 2010

Decorating for Christmas.....

Christmas 09

He loves to do this.....Rudolph antlers
He HATED that tie!

My upstairs tree that we cut favorite!!
Downstairs tree that holds all the eclectic ornaments
Placing the really heavy ones on the bigger branches.
Christmas fun!
I love decorating Christmas trees.

Can you see the excitement!!!!
Kent does not share the enthusiasm for Christmas that I have. However, when he wears his Santa hat I know the mood will be happy. He and Sayger found these as I was unpacking the decorations and placed them on their heads as they sang a few carols with each other (not good harmony) but the mood was great. He and Sayger put together our fake tree for downstairs- I love live trees but the fireplace dries them out so quickly downstairs so we decided on a fake tree(BEST INVESTMENT EVER!!) Takes Kent about 10 minutes to put it together, which he loves!!! The downstairs tree has all of the ornaments my Grandma Fowler has given me since I joined the family(there are several from the 70's on that tree).Every year, still, she buys or makes an ornament for my tree and they are all on there, at least 40 of them. I have also done the same for my children and so has Grandma Berni. Stormie has 14 x2, Shandler 11 x2 and Sayger 7 x2. The great part was when I got married I had over 20 decorations to place on a tree, it was great!! Our tree is loaded!!! With all of my decorations and my children's decorations there is getting to be little room to hang stuff!! BUT I love it...the tree looks wonderful with all those memories hanging from each branch!!!
NOTE- I did the same thing for Kenna and Charlce when Kent and I got married and they each were able to begin a tree with memories of their own!

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