Thursday, November 4, 2010


Kyle and Gina
Connie and Kim
Brett, Shane, Sayger, Kyle and Mitch
Between Christmas and New Years we go to the Darrington's cabin to celebrate New Years!!! Oh boy do we have some fun!!! Long days riding, late nights and sleeping in, just to start it all over again. The day we arrived we unloaded the car, unloaded the sleds and just in time for a day trip that went into the night. We all geared up and headed out for a ride in the snow. Shane knows the area pretty well so we followed him and headed out for some fun in the snow. Kent got a new sled and was thrilled to take it for a ride!!! We spent the remainder of the day trailing around. We went into Island Park, enjoyed some soup and a game of pool then headed back to the cabin in which we found worried kids who thought we were only going for a short joy ride, 60 mile joyride!! Sayger loves to ride with Kyle or Gina. Kyle takes him into the powder and spins cookies. One time he tipped the sled over and all we could hear was Sayger laughing as he was completely covered in snow, he loves it!! He calls Gina, Super Shina the Super Sledder. They all ride really well and spend alot of time waiting for me to catch up or get unstuck!! I am not very brave!!!!! We look forward to this trip each year, one of our favorite holiday adventures!! Thanks Darringtons for hosting!!

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