Monday, November 1, 2010

One of our FAVORITE things to do....

At the hockey game in Salt Lake
Waiting for the game to begin....Kris and LynnKent and Kim
My friend Kris
Cody and Shandler...good friends!!
Sayger Max!!
Callin and Sayger....the dynamic duo!!!
Stormie and Chloes......seeeeesters!
After the game we all went swimming......

Gift exchange!!!

Silly Shandler!!!!

Awwww... really.....time to go home.
Every year we make a point to spend one weekend with some of our favorite friends, the Hansens. We have enjoyed several trips to Boise to see the Steelheads play, a few shopping trips to Salt Lake just after Chritmas and many,many fondue dipping nights!!! The day after Christmas we headed to Salt Lake for a hockey game and a weekend of fun times. We draw names and exchange gifts and it is Kent's soul purpose to find something that will surely embarass poor Kris. We had lunch together and then went to the hocky game. Lynn really gets into the hype of the game and he took the kids clear down to the glass. The funny thing is my girls love the fights and get so excited when the hockey players begin to duke it out. This time one of the players hit the glass right where they were sitting and you would have thought they hit the lottery>>>THEY LOVED THAT!!! We had treats, cheered the team on and built some fun memories together. Our kids have become good friends too and we hope they will continue the traditions throughout their lives. When the game was over we headed directly back to the motel so they could swim. The motel we stayed at had a water slide in it and the kids were so excited to swim. We stayed there until it closed and then headed up for showers. By about 11p.m. we headed down to the main lobby where we parked by the fireplace and had our gift exchange. We giggled and snickered at the kids...Cody has always a crush on Shandler so check ou the shirt he gave her!! SO FUN!!! We love spending time with the Hansen's it is something we look forward to each year!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

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