Friday, April 17, 2009


Part of the kitchen tile was on... see the opposite side.
One picture of the finished product. My dream kitchen!

Our counters were formica(spelling?) and just needed an update.
Several months ago I went to pick a purse Kenna and Charlce had given me from The Bag Lady. While I was there visiting, I noticed we had the same cabinets as I do. I also noticed her granite tile counter tops. I inquired and found out they had re-countered their kitchen themselves. I came home and mentioned it to Kent... actually I have mentioned new counter tops for a long time. For anyone that knows Kent, he never starts a project without a "vision." A couple of days later he was in the kitchen with a measuring tape, a couple of days after that he had me checking tile on-line and that Saturday we were at the tile store picking out samples! We brought them home, picked the ones we liked and Kent ordered the tile. HE HAD A VISION!!! and I love it. Kent tiled the entire laundry room, the kitchen and will soon finished with the downstairs bath. It turned out absolutely beautiful! I loved this kitchen the first time I was in it, years ago and I have always loved the oak. The granite has just enriched it. Thanks Kent, you are so talented and quite a visionary!!!

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Dani said...

Wow! I love it too! It looks awesome...good job Kent!!