Sunday, April 5, 2009

The job is done....

Several months ago I signed our family, along with the Hansen family, up to clean the church. It was finally our turn! We planned to clean it Saturday evening and then take our two families out to dinner together. Our family had wrestling tournaments in Twin and we gathered groceries while there. When we arrived home we had a reminder on the phone about cleaning the church along with a reminder about the Young Women's Broadcast-which was in one hour from right now!. We threw groceries here, there and everywhere, frantically called the Hansen's, who met us in the driveway and we headed to the church! We found our list and got to work. With our two families combined we really had a cleaning crew... everyone had an assignment and Lynn brought extra strength cleaning gloves for all. We got right to work... it was a blessing to clean our church building and to have pride in our work. There were a few moments of the "YUCK" factor in the restrooms, in which Lynn volunteered because he said they needed a deep clean. Overall we giggled, whistled and smiled as we cleaned away. Because of the size of our crew it took us about an hour and we were on our way to dinner. We love the Hansen family and have become great friends.We really looked forward to our cleaning day, especially my kids because they knew we were doing something together as families. We shared dinner and laughter and had a great night. We love you guys and thanks for being part of our Cleaning Crew!

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