Friday, April 17, 2009

School Easter Party

The finished art project!
The egg on a spoon game.
Egg race-part two

Cute little boy!
Diligent little worker!
This year I signed up to be a room mother for each of my grade school children. I helped with Shandler's Valentine party and I was assigned to Sayger's Easter party. Unfortunately, I had a teaching inservice on the day of Sayger's party and I was the mom in charge of treats. To my fortune and to Sayger's great joy, Kent was home working on our kitchen. I enlisted him, against his plans for the day, to be Sayger's room mother(father). I put everything together, I had treats ready, all Kent had to do was deliver them in time. They both had great fun and he took some great shots of the party. It really did make Sayger's day to have his dad there.

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