Saturday, June 6, 2009

My favorite things about Sayger....

Sayger is my only son and the baby of the family. I can admit he is spoiled and I am happy to do it! I adore him.
Sayger has a contagious smile and he is every ones friend. A friend once told me he has smiley eyes!
He loves to learn and embraces new things. This year he wrestled for the first time and to my surprise he did fantastic. I loved watching him grit his teeth and get red faced as he fought to be the guy on top.
Sayger loves his family and is ever so proud to announce to everyone he is the uncle of three, two nieces and a nephew. He also loves to bug his sisters and often chuckles while doing it.
Sayger is very snugly and often will snuggle me or give a great big hug out of nowhere.
Sayger is 100% boy. He loves fishing, golf, trucks, guns, hunting, airplanes, motorcycles, super heroes and PlayStation games, especially Star Wars.
Sayger is kind. Sayger can find something good in everyone and will share it with them.
Sayger has a strong mind set. If he decides to do something and sets his mind to it, there is no stopping him.
Sayger is smart and does well in school. Like his dad, math is his best subject. He also loves to read and was able to "Rock the Halls" at school this year.
Best of all Sayger picked me for a mom and I am sooooo lucky.


Janiece said...

What a wonderful post about your sweet little boy.
See you soon!

Jewel said...

Hey there Segoman! Happy 7th Birthday! I can't believe you are that old!!!! Looks like you had a great bowling birthday this year! I recognize that carpet and furniture! Seven's good, but Eight will be great! From The Posyluzny's