Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Charlce couldn't leave the birthday girl unrecognized-she made an awesome cake for Stormie with the #14 candles and everything! And it was pretty as well as "YUMMY."
Jumping into the lake...
Floating in the lake...soooo pretty!
Fishing in the lake...

Enjoying the lake! Charlce came to stay at our house for Memorial Day weekend and on Tuesday the kids were able to fly back to Texas with her. I had another week of work(packing my classroom for the move) and Kent left for Omaha. Kent had a great idea and sent the kids with Charlce to enjoy their first week of summer( hard for mom to see them all go and YES, I worried the whole time). Charcle has a house right on the lake and the water is about 80 degrees in the lake, so you can imagine what my kids did when they got there. Charlce asked her neighbors if she could use their dock, which had a rope swing, so the fun began. They spent alot of time in the lake. Charlce also took them on a ferry, where they saw dolphins jumping and swimming along side of them. She took them to Galveston, to the beach for a day and they played in the waves and became beach bums and she took them to a great restaurant, where Sayger had the biggest piece of cake he had ever seen. On Saturday Kent and I flew down to spend the reminder of their vacation with them. Ricky took a few days off and he and Kent fished from dawn to dusk-seriously. Sayger wanted in on the man games but only lasted five hours and spent the rest of the time with us girls. Charlce cooked some amazing ribs and made Stormie a delicious cake for her birthday. She also took us shopping one day and we had a blast-even with the damper of the speeding ticket she got. Ricky made Gumbo for us-a traditional southern meal and it was awesome, to say the least!!!! Can't wait to have it again!!! And of course I hung out on the dock and took my turn floating and having the tube stuck on my bum too. It was a great trip and I was not ready to come home, but Charlce needed to get back into summer school and Kent needed to get back to work. Thanks again Charlce, we had a great time.

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Wright Family said...

I had a blast having everybody here. I was very sad to see everybody including Ricky leave all at the same time. Can't wait until next summer when you come back, next time stay longer though. As they say in the south "Ya'll come back now ya hear!" Love you guys!

P.S. I am still enjoying coming home to my sidewalk art that Shandler and Sayger drew!