Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I would like to take this opportunity to express the gratitude I have for Kent and what a wonderful father he is! I had an interesting childhood to say the least, but I had two of the very best grandfathers, they were fantastic examples to me and a huge part of my life. Both have passed away and there isn't a day that goes by that I do not practice some of the many things each taught me. Being married to Kent and seeing what a good dad he is makes me feel very lucky. He is so very patient, something I lack, and it shows with each child. He takes time to saddle a horse, fix a broken fishing line, work on a math problem or throw a softball across the yard. He never misses a thing, he may be traveling or working during events but he calls during and after to see how things are going and to talk with the kids. He takes time to teach them things that are important and he gives them the confidence they need to succeed. He loves to hear their stories and often will wink or giggle at me during a lengthy one. He takes pride in our yard and loves to keep it clean, mowed trimmed and ready for a party! He loves the river and enjoys pulling the kids either on the tube or wake board and he even pulls me on the ski on occasion! He loves to BBQ and has treated us to some fantastic meals! He is a hard worker and is a great example of sacrifice with each trip he takes from his family, you need to do what pays the bills! He is always willing to help neighbors and friends with anything they need at any time! He is honest in his dealings and full of integrity! He loves to tease and often gets the girls all wound up, just to pull them in for a great big whisker hug! He is also very strong and often surprises me, along with worries me too. I appreciate his ability to show each of our children how much he loves them and often with a tear in his eye. He is very proud of his family and I know I married a very good man and a great father! I am so lucky.

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