Sunday, March 22, 2009

Twilight was released!!!

Nice looking vampires...LOL!!! We all agreed Grandma's teeth were creepy!
Grandma Berni has heard more about Edward Cullen and Twilight than she could ever wish too. Grandma was just not getting it. Stormie is any typical teenage girl at this time, enthralled with a young handsome vampire. She has been counting down the days until it was released on home DVD. She babysat Friday night and was quite excited to purchase the movie Saturday after the birthday party. I commented "maybe, if we have time and I bet they will all be sold out so let's just wait a few days." Not the answer she wanted! She was not happy with me. However, Grandma Berni knew of her admiration(after hearing about it continually) and had purchased the movie first thing Saturday morning, along with treats for a surprise movie Twilight party. I bought the girls a couple of posters they had wanted and Sayger a Twilight package of pins to distribute. Grandma went to Twin on a mission to find vampire teeth and finally hit the jackpot at Poindexters. I told the kids she was coming because she was feeling bad, she hadn't spent any time with them over spring break. In the door she walked with vampire teeth.... It took a few minutes, but as soon as I walked around the corner with posters Stormie caught on and the excitement began!!! They watched the movie on the big screen and I even allowed the treats to go downstairs(that NEVER happens). Grandma now fully understands Stormies obsession with Twilight and agrees that Edward is a hero!

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Mindy said...

I think everyone that has ever met Grandma Berni loves her. I know Hallie did. :D Looks like lots of fun. The girls watched Twilight in the car this weekend, and loved it!