Thursday, March 19, 2009


On Monday I asked the kids to help with Spring cleaning.... I asked them to clean their bedrooms, closets, etc. along with helping me clean the house. I bribed them with a shopping trip for a new Spring outfit, Sayger a new toy. We polished the oak throughout the house, baseboards, door frames, doors, kitchen and bathroom cupboards. If you have seen my house you know about the wood trim-ALOT of it!!! As we were diligently cleaning, Dad came out of his office and announced he could get tickets for us to go to a Jazz game in Utah on Tuesday. YEA!!!! We cleaned like crazy(everyone pitching in and asking what needed completed next), finished laundry and packed. On the way to Salt Lake, the next day, we stopped at Maddox for lunch. It was the first time our children have eaten there, they weren't really sure of our choice until we pulled into the parking lot and they could see all of the cars. They loved the rolls, the raspberry butter, Sayger's lunch was served on a frisbee(which thrilled him), Stormie had a huge hamburger(1/2 lb. and ate it all) and Shandler tried chicken fried steak(for the first time). It was delicious and I bet this will become a stopping point while traveling to Utah from now on.

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