Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This was Shandler's last weekend of basketball on a traveling team. She did awesome! There were several weekends members of the team could not make it and Shandler had to play the entire game with the only breaks coming when the coach called a "time out." She was a trooper. Shandler often got light headed during games and sometimes lost her color, she would get a drink take a short rest and head out for the team. She has had a couple episodes in the morning getting ready for school, turning grey, getting clammy and cool, and trying to pass out while I am doing her hair. At first I though she was locking her knees but that was not it. Last week she did it again and I called the doctor, the nurse happened to answer the phone and got her in right away :). Shandler was diagnosed with hypoglycemia-her blood sugar bottoms out and down she goes. We are learning to recognize symptoms, but have adjusted our mornings to get her a good breakfast before she begins her day. She needs to focus on eating good meals and not skipping. She admitted she doesn't always eat much of her school lunch so I am encouraging her to check the menu so we can pack a lunch. I also started packing snacks for her to have on dance days, when she is using more energy. This will be a learning experience for us all.


Janiece said...

String Cheese is a great easy snack and helps with keeping blood sugars in a healthy range.
Congrats on a fantastic season.

Wright Family said...

Good job Shandler! Hey look at the bright side at least you will always have an excuse to eat now!!!