Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer Ball

They wouldn't let me on the field... so I took pictures through the fence.
Kent snuck some others later.
This year Sayger was old enough to play with the pitching machine. He was a little nervous but soon learned how much easier it was to smack that ball and how much farther it would go. He became a pretty good hitter and nine out of ten times he did hit the ball, very seldom did he strike out. His team struggled at first but our friend Juan came to the rescue and in the end they played their hearts out! I love to watch him play and yes, I get into it and I am very vocal! He is sooooo cute out there and what mother does not want their child's team to win. This particular game it was pouring down rain and there was a cool wind blowing the entire game. I will post some of Kent's good pictures later.

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