Thursday, July 2, 2009


The tent is set up.
The bedding is ready.
My big sister even joined in on the fun.

The weather in June was no fun. Sayger wanted to go camping and had asked about it a couple of times. I reminded him it was raining and we would be flooded. Stormie asked if we still had her little tent. When she was about four or maybe five, all she wanted for her birthday was a tent. So Kent and I found one just her size. I thought for a few minutes and remembered it was downstairs. Stormie went and found it and we set it up in Sayger's room so he could camp. Like his father, Sayger does not camp with out luxuries- the T.V. that is why it is in his room. Stormie was invited and the camp out began. They camped for several days until Stormie's back decided she needed her bed and Sayger need some real sleep. So the tent has moved downstairs where Sayger sits while playing guitar hero or watching cartoons. That tent has been a great investment because his sisters have done the same thing with it throughout their younger years! Lucky for me it is easily assembled and disassembled.

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The Kidds said...

This looks like something right up Ty's alley! He keeps saying that he wants to go camping- even though he's never been. I keep thinking we'll have to set up the tent in the backyard first... but I'm liking it in the living room!!