Saturday, July 25, 2009

Daniel"s game

During the fourth celebration in Rupert I ran into a past fifth grade student. He came and visited with me and told me about his summer playing on an all stars baseball team. He also told me there was a tournament in Burley. He didn't know the times but called me later that week with the time of his first game. It is awesome when your students think you are the coolest teacher ever and want you to come watch them. I went and watched him play that night and was amazed at the skill level of these young boys. They played awesome! I was glad to know he thought enough of me as his teacher to invite me to watch him play. It turned out I knew several of the boys on the team. Stormie says I must be a really good teacher because my current and past students always go out of their way to come and talk to me or say hi-she says she avoids any teachers she ever had. I hope my impact on the youth I educate is positive and that they know I care about their lives and what is important to them. This year, moving to a new school, has been a great change for me. I have bee able to see an entire different population of students and what they need for success in life. I don't remember it being this hard to be a child when I was young.


Melissa said...

I bet you are a great teacher! You are on my list of people to observe when and if I ever get to my student teaching!

Mindy said...

Is this Daniel Frieburger? I hear the kids in my art class talk about their teachers last year.... and they do love Mrs. Kidd!!

Kim & family said...

Thanks for telling me that Mindy, it is good toknow you impact their lives.
Your welcome in my classroom anytime Melissa, it would be good to have you:)