Sunday, July 5, 2009

The river rising....

Every year I watch the river levels closely, especially when there are large amounts of snow or heavy rain. This year we had both. A late heavy snow storm and an entire month of rain. The rock planter out in the water is usually where our beach is, which is also covered with sand. For several weeks the planter and the beach have been under water. The sand is being washed down river and my plants are under water! This picture is the highest point the river was at this year. The river has been dropping steadily for about seven days now. I was hoping to have the beach back by the 4th of July, however run off into the reservoirs is still steady. Kent placed a post in the water so I could see just how much the water was rising, I was starting to get concerned, he marked it every three inches. From the first day he placed it in the river it rose six inches but since then it has dropped those six inches and a bit more. The big rock in the planter has since tipped over due to the many boats and waves from the 4th of July. We will be re-building or re-planting, hauling sand in and tipping the rock up soon. I HOPE!

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Janiece said...

It is still really high at our place too!
Call if you need help with sand bagging