Thursday, July 2, 2009

Making progress

Sayger's low green belt.

Sayger has advanced to his low green belt. He tested before he left for Texas and passed. I think he is doing pretty well! He started in September 2008 and has advanced three belts and is on his fourth belt. I am so proud of him. Family will ask him to show them his moves and he just smiles. He is a little shy about it, but at Taekwondo he has no problems showing Mr. Burgess what he can do. Summer has made it a little harder to attend all classes but we are still working on it. Sayger is excited, when you earn the green belt you get to attend the more advanced class times and you can attend the sparing class. We will try that in the fall when summer activities do not interfer. Plus him and his father need to purchase more advanced protective gear. Sayger was questioning about the items Mr. Burgess mentioned(a cup) and I said "Ask your dad and he will be glad to take you to get it. This is one thing your mom knows nothing about." Big smile:)

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Wright Family said...

"The cup" part is hilarious!!! Just the begining of many fatherly moments that Dad gets to enjoy! Way to go Sayger, I am so glad I got to watch you do your test while I was there. I was very impressed and can't wait to see all the new stuff you are learning!