Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Eve Continued...

Grandma gave Stormie and Shandler very special necklaces this year. She was showing Shandler the engraving on the back of the necklace.
Grandma Great-The very best Grandma in the entire world. She is my hero! She shares in all events and loves every minute, we love having her and are blessed she is able to come.
Cool! Transformer Bubble bath!

Every year we spend Christmas Eve at my mom's house! We eat chili and snacks and open gifts. We then let the kids play and we play cards and visit. The kids look forward to it all day long. Sayger was counting down because he had a BIG gift at Grandma's from Auntie Brooke... it was a pogo stick. He is a little concerned on how to use it but once the garage is cleared out( we move the cars) he'll get it figured out. I'll post his first pogo experience for your viewing pleasure at a later date. We then went home and opened one gift-tradition- set out the plate for Santa and all of my children snuggled into Sayger's room for a snooze. HA! It was 12:30 p.m. before they finally settled down, I did an Internet check and informed them Santa was in New Mexico-they quickly quieted down. Christmas is so exciting!
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