Friday, January 2, 2009

I Love to See the Temple

Our Family....
December 2008
Dad, mom, Stormie, Shandler and Sayger
When I married Kent one of the first places we visited during the holidays was the temple. I was amazed and deeply touched. It has been several years since we have returned. I think Shandler was two and Stormie was five and Sayger was still a distance thought(or wish). Charlce came for Christmas and her and Ricky drove from Texas so we met them in Salt Lake City. Charlce was excited to share a part of her history with her husband from the South. We were excited when Kenna, Chip and the grandchildren accepted our invitation of a family affair.We shopped, laughed, shopped, had dinner and enjoyed the temple lights. It was so awesome to have our entire family there together. Kent and I felt very fortunate. My children were in awe and loved the lights and feeling they had at the temple that night. It was relatively calm and really not that cold, except to our southern son-in-law who informed us "we had lost our ever lovin minds..." He was freezing! We stayed at a local hotel and planned on another fun day of shopping. At four o'clock that morning Sayger sat up in bed and began to call "MOM, MOM." I sat up to comfort him thinking he had a bad dream when he informed me.... "Mom, I loved everything about the temple tonight, it was beautiful." I giggled and reminded him it was four o'clock in the morning, lay back down and go to sleep. I hope he carries that with him and remembers those feelings through-out his life.
I feel fortunate to have such a special relationship with Kenna and Charlce. It was not easy for any of us but I want them both to know we made it! I was thrilled to stand with them at the temple and know my whole family was there. They are beautiful women and we could not be prouder of who they are and who they have become. I count on them as good examples for Stormie, Shandler and Sayger and they have not let me down. Thanks girls for the fun weekend trip, even though it was cut short due to a snow storm and blowing wind.
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