Friday, January 2, 2009

More sledding

Sayger is Kyle's shadow... but he renamed Gina-Shina the Super Sledder this year and he rode with her the second day.
The crew at the falls!
On New Years day Shane took us for an all day ride. Stormie went by herself this time too and she did awesome. We saw some beautiful country and we spent the entire day out in the snow. To my amazement I was only stuck twice but Shane says your not really snowmobiling unless you are stuck. He also says it's a team sport we play together and help each other out. I'm glad I'm finally not the one stuck all the time. This year I got off the trail and played in the snow!!!! It was fun. It has taken awhile but I enjoy it now. I should have started at an earlier age, then maybe I could ride like Kyle...probably not! He rides great but I'm a chicken to go where he goes and I wont' heal as quickly or as well.
Thanks for digging us out, sharing your cabin and including us in the fun, you are terrific friends.... once again we had a blast and look forward to the next trip. Remember the deal... This summer the river and back yard are open to Shane, Mitch and their families. It's a trade! Water skiing on the Snake for tours and sledding at the cabin!
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Darrington Family said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas and New Year! I LOVE your background paper!! Cade did get a brand new helmet, I'm not sure why he wasn't wearing it...he probably thinks he's safe out in the fields...yeah right. Cade just bought me a new snowmachine today...I'm usually kind of a dare devil type, but after my broken foot, I'm almost terrifief to get on it. Still have 3 more weeks before I can even think about it. We should get our families together and go sometime.

Darrington Family said...

Hey, I think we're going to start Taekwondo in Feb. How old is Sager?