Friday, January 2, 2009

To Cave Falls

Adjusting Sayger's helmet
Hiking to the falls and the cave-Kyle fell going up-hill it was slick and steep.
Look Dad!
The first day Shane suggested we take the kids into the falls. It is a thirty-five mile ride and for the girls and Sayger it is usually just enough. We ride to the falls, have a snack, hike to the falls, get wet and cold from the mist, stand in the cave and head back. This year the cave was caved in. So we hiked to the mouth of the cave, watched the water fall, had our snacks and headed back. This year I had Kent get me a new helmet with a face shield and all the way to the falls I felt like I could hardly see. I thought it must be my contacts, I closed one eye and then the other. When we got to the falls I took the helmet off and was going to clean the shield when I noticed a piece of tape.I peeled the tape and a light yellow colored protection film peeled off. Everyone got a good laugh at me especially myself. Now I can see!! Stormie rode in by herself this year and she did great. Sayger rode with Kyle which he loves because Kyle goes fast. Shandler rode with me, which she hated, slow down mom. She was so tense her back hurt. The road signs are not quite covered and they said 25 and I was going almost 40. The signs are for cars in the summer. We took the kids back to the cabin and we went out for another tour by Shane and Mitch. It was awesome!
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Kenna said...

Looks like you guys had fun- glad to see the volcano didn't open up and swallow you- ha, ha!