Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Fun!

Last year Shane and Gina Darrington invited us to share in their cabin in Ashton during New Years. We had a blast and loved the vacation. They invited again this year and we jumped at the chance. We take our snowmobiles and we spend time with our family and friends in the snow. We stay up late, sleep in late, eat great food, snowmobile around and share memories with our friends. Shane is our tour guide and we have alot of fun. This year Sayger spent more time riding his snowmobile the "Kitty Kat", he went round and round the circle and he loved it. Kyle even tried it out this year but decided he would rather sled with the big boys. Wide open the "Kitty Kat" goes 5 miles an hour but to Sayger it is 50! Check him out.
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