Friday, January 2, 2009


Dancing at the festival of trees!
Shandler danced at a few different places during the holidays with Brooke's studio. This was at the Festival of Trees. They have kind of a funky dance and they wear these white masks. At first I was confused and I couldn't decide wich dancer was Shandler. However, she wears her emergency alert necklace and once I saw it dangling there I knew which little dancer was mine. She did great, but I am not a big fan of the masks, I like to see the animation on her face as she dances. And those of you that know Shandler, it is all about the show!
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Kenna said...

Melanie Clark had pictures of Kambrie on her blog in this dance and she wasn't impressed with the masks either. Same thing you said-she didn't like not being able to see their faces. I think I'ld have to agree that they are kinda wierd!