Saturday, August 1, 2009

Boys and Big Machinery!!

Sayger behind the controls....
When the river came up so high this spring it continually washed away the dirt from the planter we have at the edge of our property. Kent kept a watchful eye on it waiting for the big rock to tip over. On the 4th we were sitting there watching the kids in the river, when the rock slowly and ever so gently tipped over. Once the water level dropped Kent borrowed the Bishop's backhoe and tipped the rock over with the help of our little man. Did he really think he would get the opportunity to use big machinery without Sayger. This little boy is 100% boy and loves trucks, tractors, etc. He was thrilled to have that backhoe in our yard. After he and his father fixed the rock, they went into the field next door and dug a hole-Sayger easily used the controls and was so excited to operate it all by himself!

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